Children and Young People's Partnership

Herefordshire CCG is proud to be a member of Herefordshire Children and Young People’s Partnership and supports the implementation of the Children and Young people’s Plan.

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Children and Young People’s Plan

As a partnership we are committed to ensuring that the children and young people of Herefordshire have the best start in life and grow up healthy, happy and safe within supportive family environments. As a partnership, we have set out our vision for services from 2015-2018 in a local strategy. A copy of the strategy and its summary are located here.



About the Partnership

The Children and Young People's Partnership identifies the most important strategic priorities for children and young people in Herefordshire. The Partnership checks that children and young people's interests are being addressed and acts as a place for sorting out problems which are getting in the way of service changes which benefit children and young people.  


Children and young people's plan and strategy