Policies currently adopted by NHS Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning Group are listed below. In 2013 Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) also adopted some policies from the former Herefordshire Primary Care Trust. Previous PCT policies can be found in UK Web Archive. If there is a specific policy that you are unable to find, please contact us on enquiries@herefordshireccg.nhs.uk

Safeguarding and Patient Safety

Serious Incident Management Policy - HCCG Serious Incident management Policy (0.4).pdf [pdf] 768KB

To see the most recent Safeguarding policies and plans please click here; http://www.herefordshireccg.nhs.uk/safeguarding

Medicines Management

Non-Medical Prescribing - HCCG0041 non-medical prescribing.pdf [pdf] 651KB


Fitness For Surgery - [to be uploaded in due course]

Low Priority Treatments -   Policy on Low Priority Treatments Revised.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Assisted Conception Policy - HCCG_Assisted Conception Policy_April 2015 (2).pdf

Patient Choice and Resource Allocation Policy - HCCG004 Patient Choice and Resource Allocation Policy - HCCG004.pdf [pdf] 525KB

To see the most recent Individual Funding Requests Policies and Processes please click here; http://www.herefordshireccg.nhs.uk/individual-funding-requests

Corporate (Including Information Governance)

Whistleblowing Policy - HCCG008. Whistleblowing Policyv3 - Raising Concerns at Work.pdf [pdf] 592KB

Conflicts of Interest Policy -  HCCG Conflicts of Interest Policyv4.1.pdf [pdf] 772KB

Business Continuity Plan - HCCG0046 Business Continuity Plan v.004.pdf [pdf] 732KB

Managing Violent, Aggresive and Vexatious Procedure - HCCG0055_ Managing Violent, Aggressive and Vexatious Procedure.pdf [pdf] 758KB

Fair Processing Notice -   Herefordshire CCG Fair Processing Notice - (Patients) v0.2 - Sept 2016.pdf [pdf] 288KB

Staff Fair Processing Notice -  HCCG Staff Fair Processing Notice.pdf [pdf] 350KB

National Fraud Initiative (NFI) Fair Processing Notice -  National Fraud Initiative - Fair processing notice.pdf [pdf] 144KB

Anti-Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Policy - HCCG001 Anti Fraud Bribery and Corruption Policy August 2014.pdf [pdf] 825KB

Anti-Bribery Policy - HCCG002 Anti-Bribery Policy - August 2014 .pdf [pdf] 619KB

Patient Story Policy - Patient Story Policy.pdf [pdf] 735KB

Information Governance Handbook - HCCG IG Handbook 2015 - v1.0 final (18).pdf [pdf] 1MB

Procurement Policy - P004 HCCG 00028 Procurement Policy v0.3 dated 23 12 2014.pdf [pdf] 918KB

Policy Framework - HCCG0025 CCG Policy Framework August 2015.pdf [pdf] 607KB

Risk Framework - HCCG0026 Herefordshire CCG Risk Framework (P002).pdf [pdf] 744KB

Infection Prevention and Control (Under Review)

Finance (Under Review)

Detailed Financial Policy - Policy -Detailed_financial_policies (v00 2).pdf [pdf] 1MB

Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy - HCCG0011 Health and Safety Policy V0 2.pdf [pdf] 670KB

Health and Wellbeing Management Policy - HCCG0013 Health and Wellbeing Management policy V0 2.pdf [pdf] 776KB

Office Safety Procedure - HCCG0014_ Office Safety Procedure.pdf [pdf] 655KB

Fire Safety Policy - HCCG00015_ Fire Safety Policy.pdf [pdf] 697KB

Lone Working Policy - HCCG00054_ Lone Working Policy.pdf [pdf] 771KB

Human Resources

Internet and Email Policy - HCCG003. Internet & Email Policy - HCCG003.pdf [pdf] 475KB

Social Network Policy - HCCG005. Social Network Policy - HCCG005.pdf [pdf] 530KB

Probationary Period Policy - HCCG009 Probationary Period Policyv00.1.pdf [pdf] 573KB

DSE Policy - HCCG0010 DSE Policy.pdf [pdf] 951KB

Relocation - HCCG0012 Relocation .pdf [pdf] 387KB

Absence Management - HCCG0016 Absence Management v4.pdf [pdf] 715KB

Annual Leave - HCCG0017 Annual Leave.pdf [pdf] 669KB

Appraisal Policy - HCCG0018 Appraisal Policy.pdf [pdf] 732KB

Apprenticeship Policy - HCCG0019 Apprenticeship Policy.pdf [pdf] 548KB

Flexible Working Policy - HCCG0021 Flexible Working Policy.pdf [pdf] 684KB

Disciplinary Policy - HCCG0029 Disciplinary Policy.pdf [pdf] 688KB

Grievance Policy - HCCG0030 Grievance Policy.pdf [pdf] 652KB

Managing Performance Policy - HCCG00031 Managing Performance Policy.pdf [pdf] 269KB

Maternity Policy - HCCG0032 Maternity Policy.pdf [pdf] 732KB

Organisational Change Policy - HCCG0033 Organisational Change Policy.pdf [pdf] 601KB

Professional Registration Policy - HCCG0034 Professional Registration Policy.pdf [pdf] 654KB

Recruitment and Selection Policy - HCCG0035 Recruitment and Selection Policy.pdf [pdf] 729KB

Special Leave Policy- HCCG0036 Special Leave Policy.pdf [pdf] 938KB

Retirement Policy - HCCG0039 Retirement Policy.pdf [pdf] 537KB

Share Parental Leave Policy - HCCG00053_Shared Parental leave policy.pdf [pdf] 554KB