Primary Care


Herefordshire CCG has agreed the Local Enhanced Services and Local Incentive Schemes for 2015/2016.

The documents below are the final specifications which will be included in Schedule 2 of the NHS Standard Contract.The full NHS Standard Contract can be found at 

Local Enhanced Service Specifications

Medicines Assurance Service HCCG_MA LES_15-16.pdf [pdf] 291KB

Musculoskeletal HCCG_MSK LES_15-16.pdf [pdf] 420KB

Community Leg Ulcer Healing Service HCCG_LU LES_15-16.pdf [pdf] 293KB 

Anticipatory Care Planning HCCG_ACP LES_15-16.pdf [pdf] 479KB

Community Deep Venous Thrombosis HCCG_DVT LES_15-16.pdf [pdf] 362KB

Community Anticoagulation Service HCCG_AC LES_15-16.pdf [pdf] 369KB

Local Incentive Scheme Specification

 Local Incentive Scheme 2015/16 HCCG LIS 15-17.pdf [pdf] 407KB