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Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is committed to being accountable to our patients and public and placing them at the heart of everything we do. This is incorporated in our Communications and Engagement Strategy.

We ensure they can have their say about Herefordshire’s health services in a variety of ways, making opportunities to get involved as accessible as possible, for example we use a mix of digital, paper, face to face and telephone are just some of the methods that we use. We also make sure that their opinions are listened to by the CCG and that we act on concerns. How?

We want to make this as simple as possible. That is why we have developed a number of ways that people can get involved.

Governing Body Meetings

We hold our governing body meetings in public on a bi-monthly basis. 

To enable patients and the public to understand what we do in a transparent way, we hold our governing body meetings in public. This means anyone can attend on the day. Members of the public can submit written questions to the CCG, by email or letter, no later than 48hours in advance of the meeting, We can’t always answer all questions during the session, but we will provide you with a written response to your questions. Submit a question to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In addition, where possible at the publicly held meetings, we invite patients or patient representatives to share their experience of using health and care services directly with Governing Body members. As one of our members recently remarked, 'These powerful Patient Stories are making real, the day to day realities of people and are an opportunity for our members to hear first-hand experiences.'

Patient Story February 2017: Safeguarding and partnership working across health and social care - minutes here.

Patient Story July 2017: Complaints Process (Wye Valley Trust) - minutes here.

Patient Story November 2017: Listening to Children and Young People - minutes here.

Patient Story January 2018: Nursing Homes - Short stay discharge and 'Red to Green' implementation - minutes here.

View a calendar of our next Governing Body Meetings

View our Governing Body Papers

Patient Participation Groups

Most Herefordshire GP practices now have Patient Participation Groups (PPG). This allows all patients registered with that practice to have a say on how it is run. We also meet with PPG members on an annual basis to hear their views and ideas about current services and how we can improve healthcare services in the future. To find out more visit our  Patient Participation Groups (PPG) page or ask about how to join next time you visit your GP surgery.

CCG Membership Scheme

We also have a membership scheme. Anyone registered with a GP in Herefordshire can become a member and you can register online. By signing up you will receive the "Our NHS" public newsletter.

The past publications of the "Our NHS" newsletters can be found here. 

Patient Experience Survey

The purpose of this survey is to capture real time patient experience stories. We will use the information that you give us to shape and improve the care we commission in Herefordshire. For more information please see our Patient Experience Survey page.

Listening exercises and engagement

We regularly conduct listening exercises such as surveys, PPG meetings, public meetings and more formal engagement exercises to ensure that our plans and decisions take into account the views and health service needs of the residents of Herefordshire. Recent examples include the development of the Kington commission with local community groups, including the town council and our wider 'Let's Plan' health care community engagement.

Provider and partner engagement

We regularly review public involvement activity across our providers and our partners, acting as advisors and seeking assurance that our providers are including our patients and the public in their activity. The CCG takes action in response if any organisation is not adhering to the same principles to engage and involve. As part of our Governance, the Quality and Patient Safety Committee submits regular reports to assure the Governing Body that we are doing so.  

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If you would like more information on ways to get involved with Herefordshire CCG please contact us using the form on the here