Listening to you

Thank you for telling us what you think!

We listen to your opinion and act upon it. Please see examples below where we have listened to your comments as part of our engagement:

We also listen to you through Patient Stories. These give us an in-depth insight into a patient’s care and experience. These are presented at our Governing Body public meetings. Some examples are given below:

Patient Stories

Where possible at the publicly held Governing Body meetings, we invite patients or patient representatives to share their experience of using health and care services directly with Governing Body members. As one of our members recently remarked, 'These powerful Patient Stories are making real, the day to day realities of people and are an opportunity for our members to hear first-hand experiences.'

Patient Story January 2018: Nursing Homes - Short stay discharge and 'Red to Green' implementation - minutes here.

Patient Story November 2017: Listening to Children and Young People - minutes here.

Patient Story September 2018: The Last 1000 Days - minutes here

Patient Story July 2017: Complaints Process (Wye Valley Trust) - minutes here.

Patient Story February 2017: Safeguarding and partnership working across health and social care - minutes here.


Listening to your feedback

Herefordshire and Worcestershire residents said  

We support the CCGs application to merge but are keen for you to keep a local focus.

We did

We applied to NHS England & Improvement to formally merge the four CCGs. Our involvement plans are developing with a focus on local engagement and we will continue to have local place-based reams in each county. 


Carers said

We need education and support, particularly for carers of mental health patients.

We did

We ensured carers are included in the draft Mental Health Strategy. 


Dementia Service Users said

Support our local Dementia Cafe. 

We did

We signposted them to a variety of support and resources.  


Herefordshire citizens said

We want to plan for the unexpected, should we need emergency care and support.

We did

We developed and launched a local ReSPECT process. 


Residents of Herefordshire said

We want to talk to you about our experiences of health services.

We did

We attended the annual Kindle Centre community lunch in Hereford to talk to South Wye residents about their experiences.


Mental health service users said

We want improvements to services.

We did

We secured additional investment in our mental health services.


Herefordshire citizens said

We want to know more about services available in the community.

We did

We met with volunteers and carers at the HVOSS community event to present and talk to people about community services and care closer to home.


Herefordshire and Worcestershire citizens said

We want you to improve the use of digital technology, e.g. video conferencing appointments and sharing information between professionals. 

We did

We launched the Digital Strategy, and additional funding has been awarded to Herefordshire and Worcestershire to improve digital services in Primary Care.


Your responses

"I haven’t felt like this many people have cared about me before, thank you”

"This is marvellous service and all the staff I have met so far are fantastic”

"When you say you’re going to do something you do it”

"I’ve have had a full night’s sleep after your initial visit which is the first time in three months, because I feel someone is there for me and to help me feel better"


Have your say

We welcome comments from service users/carers and staff about the local services we commission and have developed a number of ways in which you can tell us about your experiences. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details.

If you require any of this information in an alternative format please call 01432 260618 or see our Accessible Information Standard for more information..