Flash Glucose Monitoring

To coincide with world diabetes day on November 14th, NHS England announced action to address current variation in access to flash glucose monitoring technology for people with type 1 diabetes. From April 2019, the technology will be available on prescription for eligible type 1 diabetes patients helping them to better manage their blood sugar levels.

NHS Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning Group welcomes the announcement, as it has come during a local review of the CCGs policy which has involved patients, diabetes specialists and members of the local Diabetes UK support group to update and revise the current policy.

This endorses our ongoing commitment to harnessing digital technology to improve treatment and care giving patients the knowledge and tools to manage their condition.

Following the NHSE announcement, NHS Herefordshire CCG will continue to work with local diabetes specialist teams to develop the process by which eligible people with Type 1 diabetes in Herefordshire access and are supported with monitoring of this treatment from April 2019. We also envisage working closely with colleagues in Worcestershire to achieve a consistent and equitable approach across the two counties.