Further funding agreed for 7-day GP services

The Herefordshire Times reported on the 28 January that the Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) were discussing urgent care services including the Taurus 7 day service provided currently in Leominster, Hereford and Ross-on-Wye which, is part of the Prime Ministers Access Fund programme to extend access to primary care.

This is a national programme piloting the extension of existing GP services into the evenings and at weekends.

Taurus Healthcare Ltd, the GP federation and the CCG are working actively with colleagues in NHS England, to secure ongoing funding for this very popular and successful service.

To continue to deliver services whilst these discussions continue, additional funding has been secured for a further period which will enable the service to remain operational whilst these discussions are completed.

The CCG has an ongoing programme of patient and public engagement on the Urgent Care Pathway. The continuation of this process will seek further the views of local people and the wider community.

The county of Herefordshire programme delivered by the GP federation, Taurus Healthcare was one of the initial programmes for GP 7 day services and the pilot has been very positively received nationally.

Notable achievements have included a national exemplar model of primary care data sharing. This enables patient’s notes to be available electronically, when consent is given, for all consultations in the extended hour’s period. This improves the patient satisfaction, and safety of consultations that are provided by local GPs and nurses working in the service.