Governing Body Meetings

The CCG’s Governing Body meets bi-monthly to review its operations and where required to make decisions. In order to ensure transparency and openness, these meetings are held in public. The calendar for these meetings is published on our website under our Governing Body Meetings section. Governing Body meeting papers are published on our website one week prior to each meeting under our Governing Body Papers section.

This presents an opportunity for residents of Herefordshire to observe the CCGs Governing Body considering, and where appropriate, deciding, key issues and matters in its role as commissioner of health services for Herefordshire.

Put your questions to the Governing Body

Each meeting allocates a set amount of time for the Governing Body to consider public questions that have been submitted to it prior to the meeting. In addition to responding to the question within the meeting (time permitting); a written response will be made  and will be available on the CCGs website as part of the record of the meeting. Additional questions or points of clarification raised by members of the public on the day of the meeting, if unable to be fully answered due to agenda constraints, will also receive a written response subsequent to the meeting.

Other Public meetings

The CCG holds regular consultation and engagement events on particular topics and issues throughout the year, these public meetings provide residents and patients a fuller opportunity to participate and contribute to the design of services and also raise any concerns with regard to potential service changes. The CCG engagement and communications plans are regularly presented to the CCGs Governing Body. Information on public meetings and other ways to have your say, or find out about the CCGs plans can be found in our Get Involved section.