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Each Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is allocated a fixed amount of money for the healthcare needs of its local population. CCGs follow a prioritisation process to decide which treatments and services will be funded as it is not possible to fund every available treatment. The aim of the prioritisation process is to ensure services offer the most benefit to the largest number of patients, whilst also ensuring the process is fair to the whole population and that public money is spent wisely.

As a result there are a number of treatments and services that Herefordshire CCG does not routinely fund. However, your GP or Consultant may make a request for a treatment or service that we do not routinely fund if they feel there are exceptional clinical circumstances related to your case.

This process is known as the Individual Funding Request (IFR) Process.

Supporting documentation


pdf Individual Funding Policy Sept 2013 ( pdf, 699 KB ) (71 downloads)
pdf IFR Operational Procedure Flowchart ( pdf, 118 KB ) (90 downloads)
pdf Procedure for Individual Funding Requests Aug 13 ( pdf, 145 KB ) (80 downloads)
document IFR Application Form HCCG appendix 3 Aug 13 ( doc, 168 KB ) (107 downloads) Popular
pdf Procedure for Appeals to IFR Aug 20131 ( pdf, 142 KB ) (64 downloads)
pdf HCCG0007 Individual Funding Request (IFR) Policy V1 ( pdf, 632 KB ) (56 downloads)
pdf HCCG0007 Procedure for Individual Funding Requests ( pdf, 144 KB ) (65 downloads)
pdf HCCG0007b Procedure for Appeals to IFR ( pdf, 141 KB ) (50 downloads)
pdf HCCG0007c Individual Funding Request (IFR) Flow Chart ( pdf, 117 KB ) (62 downloads)