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Safeguarding is about making sure everyone, irrespective of age, is treated with dignity and respect and does not suffer abuse. This even includes unborn children.

This is particularly important for those who are unable to protect themselves from harm and abuse, possibly because of their age, a disability or because they are unwell.

To ensure this, care has to be of high quality in order to prevent abuse happening. It also means there is an effective response if there is evidence or a suspicion of abuse.

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Additional Information

More information and documents for Herefordshire Safeguarding Adult Board are available 

More information and documents for Herefordshire Safeguarding Children Board are available


pdf CCG Commissioning Strategy for Safeguarding Children and Adults ( pdf, 152 KB ) (69 downloads)
pdf Safeguarding in Herefordshire ( pdf, 256 KB ) (72 downloads)
pdf Safeguarding children, young people and adults training strategy ( pdf, 181 KB ) (77 downloads)
pdf Adult Safeguarding Policy v2 ( pdf, 326 KB ) (75 downloads)
pdf Safeguarding Children Policy v2 ( pdf, 277 KB ) (70 downloads)
pdf HCCG Serious Incident management Policy ( pdf, 768 KB ) (63 downloads)
pdf HCCG0006 Serious Incident Requiring Investigation Policy V2 ( pdf, 614 KB ) (101 downloads) Popular
pdf HCCG0048 safeguarding children policy V2 ( pdf, 264 KB ) (45 downloads)
pdf HCCG0048a Safeguarding in Herefordshire CCG ( pdf, 256 KB ) (50 downloads)
pdf HCCG0048b Safeguarding COMMISSIONING ( pdf, 152 KB ) (40 downloads)
pdf HCCG0048c Safeguarding training ( pdf, 181 KB ) (46 downloads)