Managing Medicines Day to Day

There are various options available to patients to help with day to day management of medicines including larger printed labels, easier containers to open, reminder charts.  Reviews of medicines by the community pharmacist or GP can help patients understand their medicines better and possibly simplify medicines regimes so that patients can manage medicines day to day in an easier way. We know from research that many medicines aren't always taken by patients and they are sometimes complex to manage particularly if you are taking several medicines for a long term condition so we encourage patients to have discussions with either the community pharmacist or dispensers in order to see what options for support are available for patients. Please do ask your community pharmacist or GP to "talk about your medicines" and they will help.


Medication Reminder Chart

Medication Reminder Chart Landscape

Medication Reminder Chart Portrait

Managing Medicines Options

MCA Guidance for Health and Social Care Professionals in Herefordshire November 2015 -  Please note we are currently reviewing this document and will upload it once complete.