Understanding Your Medicines

A "Medicines Use Review" is an appointment with a pharmacist to focus on how you are getting on with your medicine. It usually takes place in your local pharmacy (chemist). It is an NHS service - you don't need to pay for it. The meeting is to:

  • Help you to find out more about the medicines you are taking
  • Pick up any problems you are having with your medicines
  • Improve the effectiveness of your medicines - there may be easier ways to take them or you may find you need fewer medicines than before
  • Get better value for the NHS - making sure that your medicines are right for you helps prevent unnecessary waste

Referral form for Community Pharmacy New Medicines Service / Medicines Use Review Service

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Patient Information Leaflet – Community pharmacy New Medicines Service / Medicines Use Review

HCCG NMS MUR Patient Information Leaflet 

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Understand your medicines