Elective Care

NHS Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (HCCG) recognises that lifestyle factors have a significant impact on the health of our population and place an increasing burden on our health economy. This trend is set to continue unless we make some changes to our lifestyle choices and in our approach to healthcare delivery. We recognise that we all have a part to play in making our communities healthier and we must work closely with the patients we serve and our highly skilled health workers who provide the support services to achieve this end.

We set out to inspire you to get involved and share responsibility by taking the positive steps to ensure that you are fit for surgery and our investing in your lifelong health. Our aim is to support you to reduce your individual risk of complications before, during and after surgery and have the best possible outcome of care and enjoy an improved healthier lifestyle. By optimising your health, you may be able to influence the immediate outcome of surgery and impact on the level of benefit that you get from the procedure.

Please find below the links to our guidance document, patient leaflet and current CCG Treatments Policy document:

  1. Optimising your health guidance and toolkit for professionals and patients
  2. Preparing for surgery patient leaflet
  3. Herefordshire Treatments Policy and Appendices June 2019